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What is Giving.Cards? is a great way for your charity or fundraising group to raise money for good causes that’s both risk and cost FREE.

Created by DM Print Ltd. is an all year round service that gives your charity or fundraising group the opportunity to have your own branded greeting card service product which we provide free for charities.

Your customers buy their charity cards from us and we then donate at least 20p out of that purchase to you. With more and more of us buying cards online, it makes perfect sense to open up another channel for your supporters to support you.

How can my organisation benefit?

  •  You get your own branded greeting card website.
  •  You receive donations for every card purchased.
  •  Your logo is printed on every card purchased
  •  You can easily create your own branded cards.
  • Y ou don't have to pay us anything!

Fully Responsive on all devices!

fully responsive

What cards do you offer?

We have a fantastic range of greeting cards which cover a variety of sizes and occasions including Birthday cards, Christmas cards, Congratulations cards, and Invitations.

We mail all of our cards directly to the recipient saving the customer money on postage.

Is my organisation too big/small? will work for all fundraising organisations.

You can add to your existing fund raising activities at no risk or cost. Your organisation will benefit from having an online personalised card website that donates money to your good causes every time your supporters purchase a card.

How does it work?

When a customer comes onto your version of and makes a purchase we will donate 10% of the print and production cost, plust 10p, for every card purchased to your organisation. The minimum amount your organisation will receive is 20p per purchased card.

We'll help you promote your charity card branded page by sending you a link and a banner for use on Social Media, Newsletters, and websites.

What next?

Once you sign up and provide us with your logo by filling in the form below, we'll review your details and send you the unique URL and banner ads you'll need to display on your website that will send donors to your version of

What you MUST then do is promote the service to your supporters/donors via your own website and regular communication channels. The more you promote the site the more donations you will receive.

Remember, using as your organisation's personal online cards website is FREE and provides you with another avenue to raise money for good causes.

How can I promote the site?

  • Put an attractive advert in your regular newsletter that encourages supporters to visit your site and place an order. An order that generates a donation.
  • Post regular links and updates on your social media sites that draw attention to your branded site, maybe as part of a mini social media campaign. The social media world is a great place for charities to broadcast donation options to their supporters.
  • Make use of our enticing banners! These come in a variety of shapes and sizes and your charity could easily put one on its main homepage which acts as a link to your branded site. Then supporters can easily access the cards site directly from your main website!

Monthly donations in excess of £50 will be paid monthly by cheque. In the event that monthly donations are less than £50, these will be held until the total donations exceed £50 and will then be sent in the following months payment run.

In the unlikely event that donations for small organisations are still below £50 annually at 31st December, then all accounts shall be fully paid in our end of year payment run.

Do you have fundraising groups using already?

We have already teamed up with some fantastic fundraising groups such as: St. John Ambulance, Age UK Bedfordshire, Born Free Foundation, Beat, and many more!

Sounds good? Complete the form below to get started.

If you have any questions, please call us on 01535 643289

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Registered Address:

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How would you like to receive your donations?

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Your Charity's Logo

Please attach a high resolution (300dpi) version of your charity logo in either .png or .jpg format

Your logo will appear at the top of your version of the website and within other graphics used on the site.

Your logo will also be printed on the back of any cards customers purchase while on your version of the website and on cards created on the vanilla website when the user has chosen to donate to your charity or fundraising group.

Landscape and square logos are recommended as portrait logos will be limited by the available height in the site header.

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